Shake Cups Frozen Yogurt is made with the highest quality ingredients, and our secret recipe was specially blended for a smooth and creamy taste.
At Shake Cups we craft our frozen yogurt with one of the highest counts of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures.
When present in the intestinal tract of the human body these cultures help to ensure proper the proper balance needed for digestion and good health.
Many lactose intolerant individuals can enjoy Shake Cups frozen yogurt because it is truly cultured and fermented.
(We don't just sprinkle cultures in ice cream mix.... We really make yogurt!) Shake Cups Frozen Yogurt is a good source of calcium.
All Shake Cups Frozen Yogurt varieties are certified Kosher, do not contain high fructose corn syrup* and most are Gluten Free**
Shake Cups Tart Profile Frozen Yogurt and our Sorbets are all natural.


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